Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Moonies Removed My YouTube Video!

Details later

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christopherwitt said...

As the truth is now coming out to the people of the Unification Church now that I have revealed he is John the Baptist as the nominative figure of prophecy in the Gospel no revealed as "the Faithful and Wise Steward/evil servant" at his Fall; even the beatings and all the drunkeness being mentioned in both Matthew and Luke: the Truth is now coming to bear.

Because Rev. Moon first left and now is about to lose his position it is becoming apparent to me and the small band of Thee Unicorns in my band that Rev. Moon knows that a mortal man who dies is not the Messiah: and he is going to die.

As a mortal; but immortality was indeed within his grasp: this is what I myself know of this spiritual giant; whose story I write about in detail in my book; well known now.

It appears the death of his two sons in the Biblical position of the first born and eldest sons of the one who sets up the Gates of Jericho: who is Cursed; not Blessed;

to wit:

" the life of his eldest son shall he set up it's gates; and his firstborn shall he also sacrifice..."

But it is the fate of the "evil servant" who does not recognize the Return of his Master; in a far different form than the angel of Christ he met last time!

And it's not me; as everyone is now starting to see: it's my Father's Servant John; the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven: even as I call myself the least in the kingdom: but between the least and the greatest is everyone; something not lost on the actual lights of the children of the Unification Church: to them do I extend my invitation to leave the old church and join mine: the New Church of New Hope Pennsylvania: the New Unification Church; and it's Shepherd is John the Divine; even as his brother Peter was the Shepherd of the first Pentecostal Church at Jerusalem; they sit on 12 thrones because they are the Jury; and the one who holds the Lamb's Book is the Judge: and that would unfortunately be me right now: if I cannot restore Rev. Moon then God will replace him; once again; with me; even as Eliakim the Scribe replaced Shebna the Syeward at Isiah 22; it's the old story which Jesus referred to; speaking of the one who has taken from him "even that which he thinks he has"; in this case the Key of David is now shown to be the Divine Principle seen in the Cross of Christ: something which Rev. Moon never realized; but John showed me more than this when he gave me the Revelation of Jesus Christ in it's revealed form as the Book of Life of the Lamb: for it proves one thing:

if Rev. Moon was the Messiah then why did I open the Book of Life of the Lamb?

I revealed the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of Life of the Lamb: and it appears if Rev. Moon had received the Seal of the Living God instead of me he would have opened the Book: but he didn't.

In fact, Rev. Moon never revealed one thing about the Revelation of St. John the Divine: because he didn't have the Seal.


But I died for what I was given: this you can't get at "the risk of one's life" as the Standard: here it is at THE COST OF IT.

Indeed: the Dead in Christ have risen FIRST!

I doubt the New Unification Church will have long to wait; for now I am starting to hear questions adressed to me; which means they know who I am; and that is quite a beginning.

What I say: I say to you all:


All who have judged Rev. Moon will share his fate; the fate he earned when HE judged John the Baptist as guilty of the death of Jesus: the mistake now being revealed that Sun Myung Moon IS John the Baptist: and so he JUDGED HIMSELF!

THIS is what is slowly starting to dawn on everyone: even the whole earth: for with the revealing of Osama bin Laden as the Antichrist; and the Scarlet Beast of Revelation as Red China: we are at the End.

Where begins the Last Judgement.